Digital Fabrication typically begins with a 3D model. Students will become fluent with Rhino, our CAD platform of choice in dFab.


Students will learn to safely and effectively use the laser cutters for precise cutting and engraving of materials.

3D Printing

Continuing with hands-on experience, students will slice their 3D models and operate the FDM printers in the lab.


Students will gain a foundational understanding of CNC milling, set toolpaths in RhinoCAM, and run the CNC router.

Course Overview

Digital fabrication practices have revolutionized design and manufacturing, and are literally reshaping the world around us. Increasingly these tools are being employed by artist to create works heretofore impossible or impractical to make. This class will be an exploration of computer-aided modes of fabrication and their integration into contemporary art and object making. A strong emphasis of this course will be technical training on the laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC routers in MICA’s Digital Fabrication Studio. We will also spend a considerable amount of time working in CAD and CAM software, with a particular emphasis on Rhinoceros. We will also examine the effect of this technology on our understanding of space and material, the structure of our economy and modes of production, and other social and philosophical considerations.