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Though this outbreak was personally and institutionally shocking, in a broader sense it comes as no surprise that a lack of systemic thinking and foresight resulted in such a widespread crisis. Though there are many tragedies associated with this pandemic especially in the lives of already disenfranchised people (because these crises always disproportionately affect them) I can’t help but be slightly excited at the prospect of a renewed global kinship as a possible outcome for this outbreak (though that might seem insensitive or too soon). This may serve as a deeply unfortunate but necessary reminder of the fragility of our way of life that holds opportunities to reconsider the way we socially and politically organize and act. I am already seeing a surge in collaborative works happening digitally,( for example a baltimore local 24 hr streaming service via instagram and twitch promoting the work of artists old and new, novice and accomplished) or via mail and have personally begun multiple (one of which being a montessori based object oriented programing platform for teaching, potentially kinda like grasshopper). These ideas and sentiments of collaboration were already present within the mica community, and countless other higher education institutions as well as on social media and the coronavirus might be the type of shock that was needed to put these feelings into action.