Here are a few links and guidelines for successfully working together in Zoom.

class links

Here is a link to our weekly meeting.
Ryan’s Zoom ID:
Margaret’s Zoom ID:

Zoom downloads

Download Zoom client for your computer (Windows or Mac)
Zoom app for iPhone or iPad
Zoom app for Android

Zoom tutorials

Zoom guidelines for class

  • Be on time.
    Please respect everyone’s time by being signed in and ready to contribute at 9:00AM. Plan ahead for technical difficulties. You can always sign in early, then mute your mic and video until class begins.
  • Mute your mic, if you are not speaking.
    Once there are more than about four participants in a Zoom meeting, things get chaotic if everyone has a live mic. By default, participant mics will be disabled at the start of the meeting. Toggle your mic on and off by clicking the mic icon in the bottom left corner. Pro tip: You can press and hold the space bar to temporarily un-mute your mic.
  • Use headphones if possible.
    This helps with feedback, which is the worst. Headphone with a mic are even better. Note: you can choose the audio input and output devices, in the drop down (up?) menu next tot he mic button, or in Zoom home window under settings.
  • Know your plan B, if your tech fails.
    It is astounding that the internet and platforms like Zoom works at all right now given the massive increase in use. That may not continue every days, so be ready call in by telephone if needed. Equipment, like your laptop camera, may fail. Be ready with the Zoom app on your phone. Be aware of how you are connecting with any mobile device and how that impacts your data plan.
  • Accept that everyone is at home, not in a professional setting.
    Try to minimize distractions around and behind you, but if your cat or your toddler sibling wonder into the frame, that’s just life. If you need to turn your camera off for a minute to address something
  • Wear pants.
    Don’t give up on civilization.