Week 11 reading response

Discussing this week’s reading on an article written by The Atlantic that reports on the present effects of the Coronavirus and how it has influenced our ways of thinking. The writing prompts the question of how thinking in an asystemic way is dangerous in certain situations like the one we’re facing now and how by thinking systematically can be more beneficial reflecting on contemporary problems. I don’t think that it was possible a couple of weeks ago to have really grasped the diverse range of problems we were going to face in the near future. This has given me the opportunity to realize how we as humans function individually and coherently. As elaborated in the writing, working systematically offers a lot more dynamic characteristics and unique properties. Considering how our class functioned in the first part of the semester as a unit by being in the classroom physically together and having the ability to share our ideas made my skills as a classmate and an artist grow in all the best ways. Similarly to how systematic thinking evolves complex systems and new directions our class will have to acquire this way of thinking to adjust to these new circumstances. Now having to face the harsh truth of being isolated from everyone physically I think its more important than ever to communicate with each other in a systematic way so we can embrace new inspiring ways of learning and understand our course in a different way.