Week 2 game response

Responding to our class exercise of creating a game was really enjoyable. It gave me the chance to work closely with my classmates and understand their creative process. I also think it was a very entertaining assignment; it offered me a new way of think about what a game is and what you might accomplish in the interaction. The partners in my group were Kira and David; I enjoyed collaborating with them because we were able to contribute to the game in a fluid, amusing, and humorous way. During our in-class conversation about what the game signifies, what it’s asking, and how it will look was really exciting. We were discussing the topic of deliberate decisions and interpretation of insignificant values. By thinking about a fortune teller as a means of operation; giving the freedom of choice, but each options leads you to an unreliable source. But because that source is your answer it makes you consider how it’s could possibly be relatable and relevant to your life. Similarly to reading horoscopes; something based on random astrological placement displays a definition of your personality and character.  These examples lead us to think about how each decision you make reflects what type of person you are and how the questions create a false narrative because it offers a limited amount of choices. Our game/ test was a series of personal questions with images and statements that my group and I chose that were affiliated with randomness. Even though it’s in a test format there we no wrong answers, each answer was right because it was decided by you and your judgment of the questions/ answers. 

The games played in the class created by the other groups were also very engaging and fun. I was most pleased with how diverse each game was and what type of concepts they were investigating. One of the other games felt more like a game because it involved one on one competition and it was physical, by adding these elements I felt more motivated and energetic. The other game was more of a test; it asked a series of question-based on our personal opinion and routine. By playing these games it made me compare my game and how it functioned to theirs. Both groups seemed to have a more realistic or tangible outcome whereas my group’s game seemed more based on observation and less of the actual conclusion.