Week 4 reading response

The reading that piqued my interest the most this week is “Prosthetics, Robotics and Remote Existence: Postrevolutionary Strategies” by Stelarc. In the read, he explores the idea of fusing the human body/ consciousness with technology by promoting the overall advantages and how it can accomplish a greater evolutionary path. “It is no longer of any advantage to either remain human or to evolve as a species. EVOLUTION ENDS WHEN TECHNOLOGY INVADES THE BODY.” This statement made me consider in what ways separating ourselves from evolution (nature) into an evolution designed by humans (technology) would influence our humanistic traits and the planet. I can’t understand how I feel yet after reading this proposal. I’m confused as to why we constantly feel either dissatisfied with our presence or a need to be innovative. Relating to the conversation stated in “No Birth/ No death- The Hum of the Hybrid” he articulates the benefits of existing without birth; “no longer repair but simply have parts replaced”. He concludes by stating “ the body must become immortal to adapt”, which makes me ache of the idea of living forever and seems spoiled. Similarly, I feeling sensitive towards this conversation of manipulating our body to benefit ourselves but disregard other species’ natural course. I almost feel embarrassed to consider myself human because of our privilege desires, but on the other hand, I reason with why never being content offers more, especially moving into a territory where we can not rely on earth’s resources anymore and we have to resign to creating our own. 

This conversation also relates to the reading of “Cracking Open the Systems: Media, Materiality, and Agency in Teresa Burga’s Self Portrait” where the author argues the logic of the media in her work within Conceptual art. Her project recounts the idea of personal adaptation and exposure by using diagrams, photographs, and medical records to explain the function of language, media, and material experience. By investigating these prompts it made me reflect on if technology and humans are that different and in what ways we coexist in harmony.