Speaking of total interconnectivity with such binary conceptions of the human and the technological is inadequate. In the logic of cybernetics it seems communication itself can be considered a technology- an ordering mechanism created to extend the powers of man beyond its own form.
But before any discussion of semantics, we can think of distance as difference sculpturally – as a spacial problem.
Our first impulse (which is so embedded it is arguably both conditioned and biological- or biological by conditioning- something like firmware?) is the colonization of our physical bodies by the conception of self. In order for one entity to be exploited by another they must be separate, but separation is an elastic term- relative to space and size (which tends to complicate relationships between the multicellular and the electro-chemical). This elasticity of immateriality is vital to humans’ ultimate success, most notably through manipulation via abstraction. Like any system, translating messages between entities with vastly different scales – not to mention sensory mechanisms- there is an intrinsic loss of information that simplifies or distorts the initial intent of the sender. This loss of information creates semantic gaps, periods of mechanical invisibility that forge distances where there are none.
The (mis)conception of the individual as one singular body that exists separate from others and itself is the impetus for all subsequent alienation, exploitation, and disillusion. The self as a site of posesion encourages the designation of resource upon all other things people and processes. The designation of resource in inherently problematic and should be countered by a collaborative discourse between forces, material properties, and chemical compatibilities based on symbiosis and mutuality.