What is ethical communication?

According to Weiner, the ability of Machines to mimic the “communicative mechanisms” of the human nervous system and lead to a cerebral organization would  was to somehow liberate machines to be able to augment “human use of human beings”.  This leads to an outline of a curious relationship between the socioeconomic condition under there is an accommodation for machines to assist human beings with labor wherein all labor is equally ‘human’. Weiner’s discussions doesn’t address the class divisions and vertical hegemony under which human beings use other human beings. The qualifier ‘human’ is riddled with ideological assumptions. What is a human use?

Analogously, when Weaner defines the Three levels of communication problems, I think it’s essential to define who is ‘desiring’ a certain meaning to be received and who shall perform the ‘conduct’. I regard this with respect to Ascott’s analysis of aesthetics influencing social behavior.

The question arises, how are we evaluating the ethically of influence? By inducing a certain environment under the guise of an emancipated system and ideology, how much of our communicative, aesthetic and technological endeavors are complicit in perpetuating neoliberalism?