David Correa – Portfolio

Interdisciplinary Sculpture, 2021

The city of Miami houses a new generation of immigrant children who have become infatuated with the luxury, embellishment, and spectacle of the modern celebrity, but are failing to achieve economic stability. Being forced into a cycle of labor, these children find other means of assimilating into glamour and creating spectacle through utilitarian means. David Correa’s work depicts these narratives through fashion and performances which portray these “other” means of assimilation that both bathe characters in symbols of wealth but begin to fuse the human and the tool. The work showcased on this site however is an exploration of different software and digital processes.


The Motorized Bicycle is Illegal but we can Print Organs (PMA Exhibition Response)

As I move forward in this class and continue to discuss the topics of software, algorithms, and the progress towards a completely system oriented society, I cannot help but think of my upbringing, and the privilege that comes with the mere discussion of such topics. The privilege of discussing technological progress and the speculation of possible futures. To then make work through the use of these technological mediums, without discussing sustainability seems to be a disservice to the community in which I grew up.

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Reading Responses

On Cybernetics
On Collecting Data
On The Systems Esthetic & Network Analysis
On Human Enhancement

Twitter API as Game Controller

The purpose of this work is to understand the possible relationships and communication between different software as well as provide new ways of interacting with and controlling video games and digital environments. The code involves using Twitter API through Grasshopper to read tweets from a specific twitter account. whenever the script reads a direction (i.e. left, right, forward, back, etc.), that direction is saved to a constantly updating TXT file. Meanwhile, Touchdesigner is simultaneously rendering a 3D environment and running code which is reading the updating TXT file and using those directional commands to control the camera within the environment. Ultimately this interaction between these two programs turns said twitter account into a remote.

Vector Fields

This project uses Grasshopper to create rhino drawings through the use of vector field components which affect the placement and movement of points. With 13 different adjustable sliders, changing any values changes the drawing’s attributes.