everybody already is robocop

Burga’s Work that Disappears

When the Spectator is Trying to Approach It (1970),

>This is I think a really beautiful thing, because it speaks of the ultimate futility of meaning making as a mode of understanding, and by extension makes the previous works of hers somehow more tender in their earnesty, and more critical in their execution.

> Burga’s structures of air function in relation to the body of the viewer, even if they are destroyed by her intrusion.

But simultaneously allows for that contradiction, allows for a relinquishing of absolutes by acknowledging the complexity of an entity without needing to discover and label each part of it.

there are impassable gulfs between every single element of the

piece, even if they are all supposed to encompass just one body.

In the second reading I don’t at all take issue with technological augmentation to the body but I more so am bothered by the notion that there is some sort of perfection that humans are incapable of achieving, that there could possibly be an end goal of efficiency. That sort of interpretation just seems stupid and problematic because technology was made to enhance human endeavors, so if it is eradicating humanness than it just isnt doing its job. All the messy human clumsiness is the fun part, so what function would it serve to maintain a life not worth living?