Trading to Excel to Blobs

For my project to showcase the ability to turn Excel spreadsheet data in to physical form on Grasshopper I decided to leverage part of my data-set of trades from my Crypto bots. Just an export of the trading pair, time, price bought and sold and amount. I got the percents of these then separated everything into different trees. From there I used some cool plugins I found, one called Dodo for math and another to implement Simplex noise onto spheres.

I took the data and used to to calculate weighted averages and standard deviations, to represent how much that coin normally makes me and then how volatile it is, this was fed into the appropriate plugins for the noise and applied to the spheres. From here to give the sphere some Pizazz, so I made the normals correspond to a color. The bigger the blob the higher the average return, the spikier the blob the more volatile the average return is.