Week 12 response

In this week’s readings, we were assigned to read two passages and responded to them collectively. In both “Digital Divide, Contemporary art and New Media” by Claire Bishop and “A Strong Couple” by  Sjourke van der Meulen they both confront some of the same ideas relating to digital/technology-based art in the contemporary world. I found that I was thinking of a lot of similar concepts for our research paper this week. Similarly to what is mentioned in Bishop’s writing about how digital art forms evolved and merged over time, especially thinking about in what direct ways it affected traditional works during the ’90s and where that lead those works. Considering the writing by Meulen with its relations to “socially engaged” art made think about two interesting ideas that relate to the development of technology over time. In what ways have we become reliant in technology to speak for us in comparison to how now it seems that present-day conceptual artists rely on their words to defend and define their works? Also, interpreting “socially engaged” in a political sense how have we reshaped the way we refer to politics through technology-based art and how does that make technology be perceived or encourage contemporary behaviors?