Week 14 response

In this week’s reading on “Outing Artificial Intelligence: Reckoning with Turing Tests” by Benjamin H. Bratton, he discusses the personality and psychological qualities of A.I. He relates his questions to A.I.’s capabilities and cognitive philosophy to the “Turing Test”. He uses the test as an example but also rephrases his questions in a relatable sense. What I found the most interesting about the reading was how he described A.I. being portrayed and how that gives an understanding of our human perception and development. He made an interesting comparison to how we could possibly fell threaten by them or worst be unnoticed by them. I found this intriguing because I never looked at the creation of A.I. as something that wouldn’t interact with humans, especially cause we would have produced them and they’re based on our knowledge.  It also made me consider an emotional factor to how we would see them which makes me question their overall purpose. And another fascinating point was what he mentioned about the “intelligent” part of Artificial Intelligence and where that comes from. This leads me to think about how this seems oddly unethical or narcissistic that we feel compelled to reproduce ideas of humans and the influence between a comparison in power.