Weichen Hwang – Portfolio

Interdisciplinary Sculpture, 2022

Weichen Leslie Hwang is an interdisciplinary sculpture major. She also does work in printmaking and graphic design, but has had a history of painting and drawing. She has explored ideas of quantifying abstract ideas, as well as attempting to connect analog strategies to new foreign digital techniques.


Reading Responses


Cybernetics Game

Systems Esthetics / Revisiting The Foundations of Network Analysis

Utopian Body / Prosthetics, Robotics and Remote Existence: Post-evolutionary Strategies / Cracking Open the Systems: Media, Materiality and Agency in Teresa Burga’s Self-Portrait

Contemporary Art and the Plight of its Public

Being Material

Why I’m Afraid To Go To Costco

Contemporary / New Media / Socially Engaged (Art)

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Skill Building

A series of technical exercises build and demonstrate skills in writing algorithms with Grasshopper and related tools.



Essential Algorithms and Data Structures for Computational Design in Grasshopper



Cool Beans / Other Forms of Play


I started by playing with the populate random node in this exercise. I particularly enjoy the ‘x’ of points when they get written / drawn into Rhino (even though that isn’t revolutionary or very provocative. They just look cool.)


Galapagos Intro — 3

Project I: Drawings

In this first project, I created four images using numbers and had them drawn out on the Graphtec plotter. These drawings focused on multiplication and repeating patterns.


Project II: Data

This project looks at the idea of creating something out of nothing and trying to understand random in the context of a system.


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